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Lil draggy
I love cute little anime mascot dragons so I made my very own fuzzy dragon partner.

Her name is Cleave and she's super excited to get her paws on any adventure she can find
keyblade braixenFIRE
I did this as a gift art for someone who I'm not tooo sure I can just say their name on DA. but if you find my post of it on twitter the name will be there

Anyway they had a cute braixen keyblade weilder oc that I just feel the need to draw. So I decided to take the time to use it to experiment with lighting

My friends like how the experiment turned out but theres room for improvement.
For a less intense version go here…
Arrow The Sparrow, on the scene
After spending nearly my whole life as a huge sonic fan I've never made an OC. Thats something most people would look at with pride, but I found it really dissapointing.

(Paragraphs of character stuff incoming)
Sonic Forces really ignited me with the inspiration and the context to start making my own. So here's the first one. Arrow is a racer turned freedom fighter. He already knew a lot about fixing up injuries from his team mates and his parents. When the attacks started he couldn't keep racing. He grabbed his board the instant he heard about it and went off to try to help anyone who was injured.

Arrow has laser focus and incredible skills on a hover board. Once he sees someone in danger he darts forward with incredible precision and evasion. While he doesn't have the medical skills of a proper doctor he has enough know how and experience to do on the scene care before he can get the injured somewhere else.
Sup anyone who comes to this page.
 I'm SkunkStripe, artists, semi-competative gamer, student.
You are viewers and presumably other things, but I can only
be sure that you are viewers.

 I don't actually have much to say, but if you would like to listen
my ramblings on things and see works in progress before they
are finished then please follow my personally tumblr

If you like pokemon ask blogs or have no idea what the hell that is
but think it sounds interesting then please follow…
Basically I have a cast of pokemon OCs who answer questions
and interact with other people's OCs. Its fun.

Have a nice day everyone.
  • Listening to: Whatever is on I guess
  • Reading: Text books. They're kinda nice
  • Watching: A lot of Littlest Pet Shop
  • Playing: Mario Kart 8 lately
  • Eating: Nothing healthy
  • Drinking: Trying to drink juice more than soda



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