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I was on the fence about whether to continue using Deviant art. I've decided to start using it again.
This new facebook esque activity update thing on the side of the page is mad freaking dumb.
Raylight and friends by Exranion
Raylight and friends

A brand new cast of characters I made for me to start making up some short slice of life comics. I don’t have exact bios yet, because bios are hard and it would be way easier to just let the character develop, but I should be coming up with some over the course of the week. There is a sixth Character but I haven’t made his design yet.

 What I can say now is that they are all artists (well Raylight is more of a performer but whatever) Amelia does photography, Gareth does 3d modeling, Raylight sings, Cassandra is a graphic designer and digital artist. Carmella does traditional art with pencils and paint.

Sup anyone who comes to this page.
 I'm SkunkStripe, artists, semi-competative gamer, student.
You are viewers and presumably other things, but I can only
be sure that you are viewers.

 I don't actually have much to say, but if you would like to listen
my ramblings on things and see works in progress before they
are finished then please follow my personally tumblr

If you like pokemon ask blogs or have no idea what the hell that is
but think it sounds interesting then please follow…
Basically I have a cast of pokemon OCs who answer questions
and interact with other people's OCs. Its fun.

Have a nice day everyone.
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Whatever is on I guess
  • Reading: Text books. They're kinda nice
  • Watching: A lot of Littlest Pet Shop
  • Playing: Mario Kart 8 lately
  • Eating: Nothing healthy
  • Drinking: Trying to drink juice more than soda

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AlisonWonderland1951 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can post that picture you made for me here!
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Ty for the watch :)
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Oh my god hugs! I love hugs!
Kryptchild Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hugs are the best thing ever!
Exranion Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
You're right!
I should draw more hugging.
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Thanks for the favorite sugar :p
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Cuz why not LuLz
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Dood, I know you, you're from Housepets!
What's up man!!
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